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The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery has become the order of the day for many people all over the world. If there is a part of your body that does not please you so much, you do not need to cover it up while there are cosmetic surgeons who can fix it the way you want it. Before going any further into this article, let it be known that there are hundreds of cosmetic surgery procedures. The point is to correct or enhance a certain part of the body. “It is a known fact that women seek plastic surgery services more than men,” says a breast augmentation Atlanta surgeon – Dr. Vettoso. What procedure is the most popular?

Most popular plastic surgery procedure

Making a notable mention at the top of most lists of popular plastic surgery procedures is breast augmentation or ‘boob job’ as it is commonly known. Breast augmentation is meant to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. Breast augmentation is the among the most popular plastic surgery procedures because it is not done only for aesthetic purposes. Illnesses such as breast cancer can necessitate the removal of a breast. An accident can also cause damage of the breasts and thus plastic surgery comes in highly recommended.

So if you were wondering “Why is breast augmentation the most popular plastic surgery?” there you have it. It serves two purposes, to correct a breast problem caused by an illness or accident and also to enhance the look of the breasts. There is also another reason by breast augmentation is really popular nowadays- you have two options and several medical practitioners to go to.

A few years ago only a handful of plastic surgeons were available but nowadays there are just so many of them to do the work. This means you can get yourself some really cheap prices for the procedure. If you select to go with the saline breast augmentation you are guaranteed that it will be cheaper than the silicone counterpart. Silicone breast implants are the most expensive but then they are the best.

Another very popular plastic surgery procedure is breast lift, professionally known as mastopexy. This might not involve insertion of foreign objects into the breast to make them bigger but rather to lift them preventing sagging. It is not as popular as breast augmentation because often sagging of breasts occurs as a result aging. As such this procedure is very popular among women over the age of 35.

The other popular plastic surgery procedures

Following closely behind in the rankings of most popular plastic surgery procedures is the tummy tuck. This one is popular because anyone can go for it, male or female, young or old. It has a wide target population and thus it is quite popular. Its popularity however is not helped by its expensiveness. For a tummy tuck you might have to part with more than $5200.

As soon as the effects of gravity start showing on your skin, you will go for a facelift. Facelift procedures are also quite popular but they are not as popular as breast augmentation and tummy tucks because there are cosmetic products that can face off the wrinkles and fine lines temporarily. Still for a permanent solution, a facelift is a preferred option for many people- men and women.

However, despite these findings, Dr. Otto Placik, who is considered one of the best labiaplasty surgeons in Chicago, claims that labiaplasty procedures have gained a lot of ground, and he has done more of those than any other procedure.