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Cleaning Your Ducts Impacts the Air You Breath


Are you the type that gets your duct or hvac system cleaned on a regular basis? Recent studies have shown that with dust and residue building up in your system, a dirty vent can cause mild cases of asthma and shortness of breath down the road. Imagine inhaling dirty invisible particles every night as you sleep, year after year. Eventually that causes a build up, the same way the dust your table or chair picks up if you don’t wipe it down after a few days. “This is why it’s extremely important to ensure that your dryer vent and air ducts stay as clean as possible,” says an air duct cleaning Chicago company.

Indoor air quality is often overlooked because we can’t feel it and we can’t see it. Our body doesn’t react right away to it because it can adapt to situations. It’s the same thing as having carbon monoxide in your house. You can’t see it, you can’t smell it, and you won’t be able to sense that you’re harming your body. The same applies when you have a dirty hvac system.

Below you can see an example of a dirty duct:

dirty duct

If you look at the picture, it’s probably something you haven’t seen because you aren’t normally checking your ducts for this type of build up. Notice the amount of dust that has settled on the sides of the ventilation. Anytime you turn on your air conditioning or heating unit, all this dust slowly gets blown into your house, in small invisible particles that you are inhaling everyday. Just based on the picture, it’s common sense that it cannot be good for the health of adults, let alone your children, when all this dirt is in the air.

Here is a picture of what a duct is suppose to look like:


Notice the difference? You have on the left a duct that is full of dust and build up, and on the right, a duct with virtually no dust to ruin your indoor air quality. That is what your duct is suppose to look like, and that’s why it’s extremely important to ensure that its cleaned on a yearly basis to protect yourself and your children from any illness.

I know you’re now most likely hunting for the closest duct cleaners around to make sure you don’t have the same problem. The reality is, you most likely do have this problem, and you are not the only one. Americans often overlook cleaning their ducts simply because it is not something they see dirty everyday. However, we need to make an effort to make others aware of this problem, so that the quality of life for your children is not hindered as they get older.