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The New Ana P. Paday

So if you haven’t noticed, the website got a bit of an overhaul. I used to be a gamer, and dedicated a huge portion of my day to gaming. Overtime, I realized that I was not getting the same pleasures I used to from gaming. I became overweight, my health was declining, and realized it was time for a change.

I do apologize to the gaming fans out there. However, when you let something dictate your life and it effects it in a negative way, you need to make a change about it. That’s when I woke up one day, and decided it was time to take a step forward and change my life.

I went and obtained my training certificate and a B.S. in Physical Education from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champagne. I got my life in order, started to exercise regularly and eat healthy. Gaming is now something of the past for me, I’ve turned to health and cosmetics.