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Breast lift vs. Breast Augmentation

Changing the way breasts or a breast looks on a woman is common today, and the medical world has advanced to the point of this surgery having almost no side effects. People are always looking to make changes in themselves, for the better and breast implants and breast lifts are a common choice today. The usual reason women want is to increase the size of the breasts or to reduce the sag in them. Breast lift vs. Breast Augmentation is a tough question to face, but do not worry, the answer is easy, only if you know what you ant out of your surgery.

If size is why you are having the surgery, then breast augmentation wins the Breast lift vs. Breast Augmentation war. How much bigger, is a matter of individual preferences, depending on whatever’s comfortable for you. Some women change the size of only one breast to make both breasts symmetrical and look perfect next to each other. Other times, it is also the consequences of losing a lot of weight, sudden loss of weight makes the breasts smaller and out of shape, so the augmentation would be opted for then. The disadvantages of a breast augmentation is that, regardless of the size you choose, the sag will always be there, actually, the heavier the breasts, the more the sag.

In Breast lift vs. Breast Augmentation, breast lifts win when the reason for surgery is to remove sag from the breasts. Breasts can sag due to many usual reasons, firstly, gravity, and then, weight loss, nursing babies and growing older and less firm. A breast life raises the whole breast higher and makes it stand upright, but does not change the size in any way. Although, making the breasts unsaggy and perkier will automatically make them look sturdier and bigger. In a normal breast lift surgery, the nipple is moved higher on the breast, made smaller and the skin from the upper breast is moved to the lower part of the breast, to provide support to the weight of the breast. The cons involved in breast lifting, are the scars on the breasts due to the moving of skin and nipples.

A breast augmentation is a bag of filler material that is designed to add size and volume to the breast, while the breast lift, uses only skin and flesh from the body to make it look perkier. Some women might also want an augmentation to just fill the skin and make the sag disappear, this can be done in breast lifts also, but again, it is the preference of the individual that matters. A usual breast lift is placed about eighteen to twenty two centimeters below the throat and not higher as it could cause danger to the ENT of the body.

Different methods are there in both Breast lifts and Breast Augmentations. Consulting with the surgeon and speaking to them about what you want out of the surgery performed will be a good way to start making the choice of Breast lift vs. Breast Augmentation.