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Can Vitamins help treat Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is rare condition that affects the pigmentation of a person’s skin. This condition happens when skin cells start to die off or cannot function function properly. There is no known cure for it but there are some steps that people with this condition can take to help control this condition. Skin creams, oral medications and skin grafts are some common treatments that are prescribed by doctors. Vitamins are an alternative treatment method that is used to treat vitiligo. Some medical professionals believe that vitamins have the ability to lessen the impact by enhancing skin pigmentation.

What Vitamins are used for the Treatment Process?

vitiligo on hands before and after

Man with Vitiligo

Certain vitamins such as B vitamin (folic acid), alpha – lipoic acid, phenylalanine, picrorhiza and B6 are five common vitamins and substances that have been proven to be effective or somewhat effective for helping people. Other substances such as canthaxanthin, ginko, khella, para aminobenzoic acid and polypodium leucotomos are also used for treament but there is insufficient evidence about their effectiveness. You can get a combination of all of these in one pill from: Recouleur – Vitamins for Vitiligo.

How does B Vitamin help?

Researchers uses folic acid in conjunction with vitamin B12 and sunshine to help repair damaged skin spots. The National Institute of Health or NIM has recorded research data about the effectiveness of folic acid on damaged skin spots. The study in question revealed that 100 patients with vitiligo were treated with oral folic acid, B12 and sunshine exposure between 3 – 6 months and clear re-pigmentation was evident in 52 of the 100 patients.

More than have of the patients who used this folic acid and B12 regimen were able to restore color to the whitened areas of their skin. The study also revealed that at least 64% of the people in the study were able to stop the spread of color pigment with this treatment option. Apparently, B12 and vitamin D in sunshine are two other vitamin substances that are play a role in improving the condition.

Alpha – Lipoic Acid

Over the years medical researchers have discovered that alpha-lipoic acid is able to protect the body from certain types of cell damage. They also help to get rid of oxidation stress within a person’s skin and protect the body from free radicals which are able to damage melanocytes. Do not forget that melanocytes are melanin producing cells within a person’s skin. So when vitiligo occurs it destroys these cells which in turn produces the white patches on the body. Alpha – lipoic acid has been proven to reverse some of the effects by restoring some of the color back into a person’s skin.

Does Phenylalanine really help?

Phenylalanine is able to help a person to manage their condition. This substance works by initializing the synthesis of melanin within a person’s body. In other words it can help to return a person’s natural skin color in the affected areas on their dermis. The substance works better when it is combined with sunlight or a UV lamp. By the way, there are three types of phenylalanine and they include L, D and DL. L- phenylalanine is the type that is needed.

How can Picrorhiza be used treatment?

Vitiligio affects a person’s autoimmune system and since it does Picrorhiza can be used to help correct this problem. Picrorhiza is a plant that grows in the Himalayan mountains and it is sometimes used to treat skin conditions. Since this substance has immunomodulatory properties it is able to modify or control one or more of the immune functions within a person’s body. This in turn will impact how it controls the condition. A person can use this substance to produce melanin within the white parts of their skin.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is another B vitamin that might help to improve the condition. People who lack vitamin B6 can end up catch a skin disease such as ulceration or dermatitis. This information reveals that B6 is essential for the treatment. One reason for this benefit has to do with B6 ability to alter or influence how certain genes functions.

Vitamin B6 prevents the autoimmune system from attacking melanocytes which in turns slows down the disease. It also can be used to correct genetic defects that might be the root cause of this condition. B6 changes homocysteine by converting it to cysteine which in turn breaks down the formation of free radicals that damage cells. Vitamins are not a cure but they can help to keep it in check. Be sure to talk with your doctor or physician before you start any vitamin regimen.


Cleaning Your Ducts Impacts the Air You Breath


Are you the type that gets your duct or hvac system cleaned on a regular basis? Recent studies have shown that with dust and residue building up in your system, a dirty vent can cause mild cases of asthma and shortness of breath down the road. Imagine inhaling dirty invisible particles every night as you sleep, year after year. Eventually that causes a build up, the same way the dust your table or chair picks up if you don’t wipe it down after a few days. “This is why it’s extremely important to ensure that your dryer vent and air ducts stay as clean as possible,” says an air duct cleaning Chicago company.

Indoor air quality is often overlooked because we can’t feel it and we can’t see it. Our body doesn’t react right away to it because it can adapt to situations. It’s the same thing as having carbon monoxide in your house. You can’t see it, you can’t smell it, and you won’t be able to sense that you’re harming your body. The same applies when you have a dirty hvac system.

Below you can see an example of a dirty duct:

dirty duct

If you look at the picture, it’s probably something you haven’t seen because you aren’t normally checking your ducts for this type of build up. Notice the amount of dust that has settled on the sides of the ventilation. Anytime you turn on your air conditioning or heating unit, all this dust slowly gets blown into your house, in small invisible particles that you are inhaling everyday. Just based on the picture, it’s common sense that it cannot be good for the health of adults, let alone your children, when all this dirt is in the air.

Here is a picture of what a duct is suppose to look like:


Notice the difference? You have on the left a duct that is full of dust and build up, and on the right, a duct with virtually no dust to ruin your indoor air quality. That is what your duct is suppose to look like, and that’s why it’s extremely important to ensure that its cleaned on a yearly basis to protect yourself and your children from any illness.

I know you’re now most likely hunting for the closest duct cleaners around to make sure you don’t have the same problem. The reality is, you most likely do have this problem, and you are not the only one. Americans often overlook cleaning their ducts simply because it is not something they see dirty everyday. However, we need to make an effort to make others aware of this problem, so that the quality of life for your children is not hindered as they get older.


Breast Enlargement in Chicago: Is it Worth It?


When it comes to breast enlargement, a lot of talk has been in the aspects of it really being worth it. With most of it ending in matters of self esteem, reconstruction surgery and beauty purposes, no one usually seems to talk of cost. However before going under the knife, always remember that living in Chicago means higher prices.

Surgeon’s Fee

The average price of this type of procedure can be seen at: Keep in mind, there are many surgeons who offer breast augmentation Chicago. With this in mind, it is clear to note that the more experienced the surgeon, the more expensive they will be. The normal cost is usually $5000; however in more experienced surgeon the cost might shoot up to $7000- $8000, if not more.

Anesthetic Fees

This is usually considered different from any other fees. Different anesthetics can be used and as that range in different prices. This should not be ignored as it might be very costly.

Hospital Costs

With different facilities having different ratings, prices may range in as very different. However the difference comes in a maximum of about 50 dollars regardless f the hospital a night.

Medical Tests

Medical tests have to be carried out before any breast augmentation is done. With what is seen in the first tests, the surgeon in charge may require and order more tests to see if the patient is in any health risks. However when it comes to cost this entirely depends on the number of medical tests done.

Post Surgery Care

After surgery the recovery of the patient usually builds up the cost of breast enlargement surgery in Chicago. If the patient stays longer and needs special observance, the cost is usually a maximum of $ 500 if there are no other surgeries scheduled.

Prescription Medication

Painkillers in a sense should also be added when considering the cost. Since it is usually prescribed a cost of 200 dollars is sufficient for those who heal normally. However when it comes to those who have a difficult time healing more money should be set aside.

It is good to note that regardless of the type of implants used the surgeon’s fee is usually one and the same thing. On the other hand, it is always wise to ask as it may not be applicable in all medical institutions. Be ready to spend up to $10,000 if you’re looking at the very best.