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A Quick Introduction of League of Legends for the Beginners

I would like to introduce League of Legends (LoL) to those who don’t know about it, but are planning to play it.


The Beginning

LoL doesn’t require high PC specifications. It requires a DirectX 9.0 VGA, 2 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 750 MB space, and an internet connection.

You can simply make an account on the server as per your location. If you live in US, then make an account on a relevant server. Pick a name and a good image and start playing!


The Champions

There are two teams. Each team includes five players. Prior to starting a match, you need to pick a character named, also known as “champions,” for the battle. Overall, there above eighty diverse champions and new champions are included after each 14 days. Each champion possesses four diverse skills (three normal and 1 very strong) and a passive. Skills are improved by leveling up. The ultimate champion level is 18. You get five points in each normal skill, while three points in your ultimate.

You get experience for leveling up by:

1. Being close when your troops kill opponent minions or impartial monsters.

2. Destroying or helping to destroy opponent champions

In the start, you usually play as per you interest, later it is important to interact with the team members prior to starting the match, as you need a balanced situation and not five similar champions. The thought-provoking point is: based on the objects that you allocate your champions, they can carry out diverse roles!

In the start, you can’t own champions, but you get ten free champions after every seven days. After leveling up, you will be able to purchase more champions with help of influence points (IP).


The Map

It includes three diverse lanes that lead you to the opponent base. These lanes include a number of Towers which you need to terminate prior to attacking the base. Forest is present between the lanes and it is full of neutral monsters. You get gold if you kill them.

When the match starts, you get only one minute to buy desired things from the shop. You don’t have to spend enough time, as you don’t have enough gold in the start of game.

Following are diverse ways to get gold:

1. All members get gold over time

2. Killing opponent minions or neutral monsters by last hitting.

3. Destroying or helping to finish opponent champions

4. Abolishing opponent buildings.

5. There are many objects that give you extra gold


The Goal

If you abolish the opponent’s Nexus, you win. In order to attack this key building, first you need to abolish three towers and the inhibitor on 1 lane and then 2 towers guarding the main building. A normal match takes thirty to forty-five minutes, sometimes above an hour. After twenty minutes, anyone can also surrender.

In a 3-vs-3 mode game, you need to get and defend limited points. Moreover, you can also play ranked modes with summoner level 30 where you get an ELO count as per your performance. For beginners, typical 5-vs-5 map is considered to be the right choice!


League of Legends Gameplay Tips

The new season of League of Legends just started some few days ago.  If you are a newbie and feel like “I have no idea about this season thing”, it’s okay. You just started the game and you will learn all about LoL slangs, abbreviations and signals as you play the game. For now, let me share some LoL gameplay tips to you. These tips will make up your mind and be a better player (trust me). I cannot promise you that you’ll become a pro league of legends player, but of course, I guarantee you will start seeing some progress.

Know your Game

Usually this is the main problem of some LoL beginners. They play with no goals and no strategy; not even a single one. Although this is just a computer game, it is still important to have goals and strategies if you want to move up and improve. Here are some basic know-your-game tips:

  • Beginners that play for fun (and also for people who want to play it stress free) should play normal mode.
  • Casual beginners should play alam, dominion, tt, or custom mode.
  • Beginners looking for challenge and thrill should play rank mode (you will love this, trust me).

If you are a beginner with zero idea with League of legends, I suggest that you should not play rank mode for now. What you need to do is to practice. Just practice your champion. Take your time. Don’t rush everything. What you need to do is to get strategy guides from fellow players. Try watching some Trick2g’s gameplay in Youtube so you can learn more.


Inform your Team

Since League of Legends is a team-oriented game, it is very important to make constant communication with your team. Inform them what your best or worst lane is. In that way, they will be able to fix the arrangement. And also, you will avoid being called “noob” or whatever name they call for a player who has no idea what he is doing. It’s okay to be a beginner and lack knowledge about the game but this is a common courtesy that should be practiced in every game (video games or sports).

Focus, Chat Kills

I mean, really, this is a common courtesy among players that we forget most of the time. If you are playing rank games with your team mates and you are chatting non-sense and non-team related chats, you will die, that’s for sure. What you need to do is to focus. Just focus on what you are doing. If you are a support, just do support-related things like heals and buffs. Know your job and do your job very well. Even if your crush wants to chat with you, ignore her for the moment until you finish the game. I am sure she will understand.

When playing League of Legends, it is very important to know your game, have a transparent communication with your team and focus on the game rather than chatting non-sense things. In this way, you will be a better player, not just in LoL but in every game you play. That’s for sure.

Still having trouble?

If you’ve been practicing League of Legends for a while, and you’re still having trouble, there are a couple of options you can explore. You can either try purchasing some coaching services or go for an some elo boosting.



League of Legends Elo Ranking Tips for Beginners

League of Legends is one of the most successful games developed and published by Riot games. It is popular among the youth and a real fun to play with your friends. This game is all about self-improvement, teamwork and 100% fun. If you just started to play the game and dying is where you are good at, don’t feel bad about it. Here are some tips to boost your Elo points and how to make the game easier for you!

Learn your Champion

Whether it is an assassin, a support, mage, fighter, tank and whatnot, it is important to know the role you are playing. One of the most common mistakes of playing a multi-player role playing game is to not know the purpose of your champion. You just can’t whack your enemies with your attacks if you are a support and let your teammates die because you fail to heal them. League of Legends is not a game of antisocial people. If you want to be good at this game, you need to learn your champion. How to do it? There is Google, Wikis, Youtube and other websites that will give you information about LoL champion pros and cons.

Focus and Stick to your Goal

Why do you play? Do you play for self-improvement? Do you play to gain a better rank? These are the questions that will be helpful for you. Some people just play the game and they don’t care about goals and objectives. Be the opposite.

Elo Boost

Ranking up is really challenging when playing League of Legends. Are you a high school student busy writing essays for college admissions? How about a college student working on your thesis? How about a working professional? Aside from playing video games, we all have our own lives too that we need to prioritize. Although ranking up is really hard, you can buy an Elo boosting service online. You can boost your rank in LoL even if you are busy. It will not hinder your normal routine.

Team Work

Playing with your friends is really fun but you can’t play with them all the time especially if you have a schedule to follow. You will team up with random people in your LoL server. They are total strangers and some of them have bad attitudes. Don’t mind it. Stick to your role and play as a team. It doesn’t matter if you lose or win.

Enjoy the Game

This tip might be funny, but this is one of the most important things to remember when playing any game. Enjoy it! How can you play a good game if you are not happy with it? Some people just want to win no matter if they cheat or not. Getting all worked up to win defeats the purpose of playing the game. Play with passion, play it because you love it.

Here are some tips on how to play League of Legends for starters. Remember that in order to move up your rank, learn your champion, value team work and enjoy the game!


Blizzard Announces new League of Legends genre game called “Heroes of the Storm”

Blizzcon just started yesterday (November 9, 2013) and RTS (real-time strategy) fans were teased with a brand new game by blizzard called Heroes of the Storm.

For a while now, Blizzard has been giving out small bits of information for their upcoming MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game. This game is going to have the same type of game-play as League of Legends, but will have a Warcraft twist to it. All of the heroes (which are referred to as champions in LoL) are going to be Warcraft based. It should make out for a great game.

Beta signups are currently open, so be sure to log in to your accounts and sign up for beta.

Here is the cinematic trailer which was revealed yesterday:

Let the countdown begin!


Why Buy a League of Legends ELO Boost Service?


Playing League of Legends is really fun yet challenging.  The ranking system can be somewhat of a burden to some players who don’t have much time to play. To be honest, you don’t have to think about how much time you can play just to get yourself a higher rank because there is a better way to do it. Through ELO boosting, your chance of getting to the top is much higher and it will only take a short period of time. Here are some reasons why you need to buy League of Legends ELO boosting service:

Saves Time

Why spend 6 hours of gaming daily to gain a higher rank if you can spend it on more important things? Buying an ELO boosting service will help you solve your League of Legends time-management problems. If you are a working professional or a busy entrepreneur, it will take some time for you to get to a higher rank because you don’t have that much time to spend. ELO boosting service will get this covered and you can do things that you normally do every day.

Play with Better Players

At bronze level which is the lowest rank, you will team up with players that have the same rank with you. Some of these starters are mostly kids and teenagers. They have distinctive behaviors when it comes to playing. They shout, they cuss, call you names, they get mad and they argue with you. It happens most of the time and it is really annoying. You will just end up being worked up in the game and it defeats the purpose of playing which is all about having fun. If you want to avoid these players, availing an ELO boosting service is recommended. Most players with higher rankings are mature enough to handle the game and they play for fun and nothing more. Aside from that, high-rank players are good attackers and strategists that make the game fun and challenging.

Free Boosts Special Offers

Although ELO service will cost any where from $25 to a few hundred dollars, ELO boosting companies provide free boosting for players who are interested to gain a higher rank in LoL. However, there are terms and conditions that need to be followed, but it actually depends on the company. Some companies provide free boosting as an “introductory offer”. It is more like a trial. If you like their service, you can continue to have your account boosted but this time it will be charged to you.

When it comes to pricing, these companies provide flexible and great options to choose from. The price of boosting depends on your current rank and the rank that you want to level up. Also, you should take a look about the payment methods they accept. Most of these companies accept PayPal and credit cards for payment. For a more secure transaction, PayPal is highly recommended since this payment method is secure for both buyers and sellers of ELO boosting service.

Throughout my journey of testing out CHEAP elo boost companies, I will leave a review here. So be sure to check back often.


League of Legends Boosting for Busy Professionals

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games worldwide. This tournament-oriented game will surely give you excitement and fun at the same time. You can play alone to join a team for a match or you can gather your friends to play together. The only downside is you really need to work hard to get to the highest rank.

For busy professionals, they have no time to play for rankings. Most of them will play 1-3 hours per day just to have fun but sometimes, they feel the need to play with better players and move to the next level. Playing that amount of time will not make a difference to gain a higher rank especially to new players. New players need to learn the pros and cons, the strengths and weaknesses of each champion so they can decide which champion is the best for them.

Reading strategy guides and watching gameplays from Youtube will also take hours and will take weeks to master the basics. Good thing that there is a shortcut for that. What is that shortcut?

The fastest and easiest way to get a higher rank to League of Legends is through ELO boosting. This method will surely make your bronze rank move all the way to the diamond rank. They don’t need to be online when being boosted. This is the best option for working professionals since they spend their whole day working.

Is ELO boosting free? Getting an ELO boost is not free but on the good side, they offer competitive prices and flexible options for you to save money. For example, you ordered an ELO boost and your account is logged in for boosting, you can request to pause the boosting so you can play alone and enjoy the game.